Louinaut Lafayette

Having come from the Pillars of Ishgard originally, Loui grew up with a very clear and direct understanding of what nobility was like. After enough exposure to stuffy bastards (along with circumstances that are best left unspoken) he stole away from Coerthas and made his way to The Shroud. From there he's been wandering Eorzea to his hearts content. Only recently now though has he settled down to a home, a cottage in the Lavender Beds.

Basic Info

  • Race: Ishgardian Elezen

  • Age: 34

  • Height: Seven Fulms, Seven Ilms

  • Weight: 230 Ponze

  • Hair: Brown

  • Eyes: Pale Grey

  • Orientation: Bisexual, Female Preference.

  • Status: Married to Honey Jade. Open Relationship.

  • Voice Claim: James Spader

RP Hooks

  • Seeker of Magic: While Loui is well versed in Red Magic, his interest in matters aetheric hardly stop there. Anyone with more to teach him of other forms of magic are welcome distractions.

  • Rebel Soul: A malcontent to some, idealist to others. Louinaut seeks out anyone like him with a major chip on their shoulder towards Ishgard.

  • Musically Minded: With music being not only his job, but primary source of income, Loui's very mind is doused in music. Anyone with any interest in song, learning more of music, or tales from near and far will find what they're after.

  • Triple Triad: Of all his hobbies and pastimes, Triple Triad is the one that he takes the most pride in his skill at. With a collection of cards that could rival or even dwarf some professional players he's always happy to take on a match. Just don't expect him to hold back.

  • Defiant Duelist: Louinaut was trained with blades of many shapes and styles since he was a child. Be it a longsword, sabre, or his preferred weapon of choice, a rapier, Loui will gladly take on any request for a duel.

  • Voidsent Slayer: Any form of work or outing that involves the killing of voidsent will quickly gain Loui's attention. The bard seems to have an almost undying hatred of anything spawned from that foul plane.

  • More Power: Recent events have consumed his mind with one thought, all consuming in its desire to be fulfilled. The need to become stronger. Regardless of the means or the method, hardly any price is too steep.

Description Through Music

For a character so deeply ingrained with music as a bard like Loui, perhaps it is better to take a different approach to explaining him. Instead of spelling it out with words on a page I'd rather do it though songs, with each song or group of songs representing an important life moment or, more likely, a state of mind. With that said. Most of it all should be listed out below!

The Egomaniac

"The limelight, the stage, your atention. Call it what you will. I won't just claim it. I demand it."

The Duelist

"I find your conviction wanting."

The Anti-Socialite

"These people, this crowd... it's all so very trite."

The Vengeful

"They took from me that which I loved... So I will take everything from them."

The Broken

"All those lillies have turned black as I've weathered out this storm... and all I feel is cold."

The Whole

"To find love after all the both of us have endured is the greatest miracle I've yet to encounter."

The Hunter

"Every last one of those malformed voidspawn deserve nothing less than fucking extermination!"

You want to hear a story? Very well...

But I will warn you that it is not a pleasant tale.This is still a work in progress, so no complaining if details are missing.Also, how on gods green earth did you get here? You're not suppose to be able to find this.
Ah well, read on if you like. Spoilers ahead.
Once upon a time there was a young fool who had fallen madly in love with a beautiful girl.
He was horrified at what had happened. Disgusted at the sheer loss of one he'd cared for so deeply, and failed so utterly to keep safe. And so he left. Running from the city that he'd called home for all his life.The young fool fled to the forests of Gridania, hiding amongst theIn the end though, despite all that life had given him he knew he couldn't keep quiet. His soul was burning to make things right. And even with all that had occurred already, The church still held a stranglehold on the populace. The inquisitors were still a blight on the country he'd once fought and bled for.And so he returned. Dressed in robes of an archbishop and screaming from the very depths of his heart as he stood atop the scaffolding of the Brume. He sung of how the church continued to hold it's faithful not has people to be aided, but as cattle to be lead. He preached of how the Inquisition had killed and tortured countless innocent lives in the name of a lie. He spoke of how it could not be allowed to continue.